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Traditional Owners speak out against Perdaman urea development

"As a Mardudhunera person, I don't want this project on my Country. “The government should not be supporting this multibillion-dollar company in causing damage to my cultural heritage. If Murujuga is deserving of world heritage listing, why would anyone want to put more industry there?" - RAELENE COOPER

The international company Perdaman are planning to build a new urea plant on the Burrup, between Yara and Pluto.

At least 3 cultural heritage sites would have to be moved for the development to go ahead.

The development would also be very close to the Yatha and Ngajarli Gorge. Hearsons Road would be moved to make way for Perdaman.

Last week, the government announced $255 million funding to support the Perdaman project.

"As cultural people belonging to the land, it's our Ngarda government system of connecting to one another - to our Galharra, our ceremonies, our Country, our stories, our Marni (rock art), our Songlines. “These are all the things given to us, not the money, greed and individualism that drive the companies and industries that are here now and the people behind these decisions. “It would be good to hear openly and transparently what our decision makers are talking about and who they are talking to." - PATRICK CHURNSIDE

"This is corruption at its best. It is outrageous to put a urea facility right on top of the world's oldest rock art. "Perdaman wants to move sacred sites to build this and Elders have said no. This is absolutely disgusting. Our rock art, our plants, our animals and our health are at risk because of air pollution on the Burrup, and Perdaman want to make it worse. "This is money and greed over culture." - JOSIE ALEC
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