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What is climate change? 

The atmosphere is made of greenhouse gases. These create a blanket around the earth and store heat from the sun. This creates enough warmth for us to survive.

Burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas creates emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases which are added to the atmosphere.

Having too many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere traps too much heat, and warms up the earth. We call this climate change.

Burning gas and other fossil fuels warms up the earth. This is dangerous for humans and other life.

The effects of climate change

Climate change is already causing problems around the world. The more fossil fuels we burn, the worse these problems will become. Some impacts are:

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Woodside causes climate change

Producing and using gas creates huge greenhouse gas emissions.


Woodside wants to build a new gas project called Scarborough. The development will create more than a billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

The world's scientists have warned we can't have any new fossil fuel projects if we want to protect ourselves from climate change.


We can reduce our energy usage and transition to renewable energy instead of using fossil fuels.

Climate change in the Pilbara

Climate change means the world is getting hotter, but the North-West of WA (including the Pilbara) is predicted to warm more than elsewhere in Australia.

If people keep emitting lots of greenhouse gases, by 2090 the Pilbara is predicted to warm between 3.1 - 5.6 degrees.

That heat will cause health problems and fire danger.

Cyclones are also predicted to become more severe.

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