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Save Our Songlines

Our Mission



The most crucial part of our existence as custodians is to protect at all costs. It's not only about protecting the Ngurra, the animals, the water and all living creatures that are a part of our existence; it's also about protecting the existence of humanity itself. Our connection to the Ngurra is the biggest part of who we are; it runs through our veins; it's our everything. It’s putting your feet on the ground and feeling her energy and power, feeling the stories, feeling the creation and how you fit into this world and how you play a role as a part of mother earth. It's like looking into a mirror and seeing the essence of who you are and the knowing of your connection to everything. In our culture that’s what we need to protect. We live it, we breathe it, we are it, we exist because of her, the rocks, because of the stories they tell. We can touch the rocks and feel the energy of the rocks, our families, past, present and future, because that’s what's at stake here. We need to make sure that we protect first and foremost so that we can practice and preserve, now and for future generations. This is the first creation story of the world. This story does not only belong to us; it belongs to everybody, when they wake up every morning, whether they’re black white or brindle. It’s our birth right to protect this Country. And it's everyone's human right to be able to see such an ancient museum left for humanity and the future generations to see and learn from.


It is our human right as the custodians of the Murujuga rock art to be able to listen and learn and practice our culture through our Dreaming ways and our connection to the stories within the rocks. Our ancestral lineage has given us the authority to work, connect and relay the stories and songlines of mother earth, plants and animals, waterways, stars and our connection to the unseen. We work with the creator beings to keep balance and harmony to everything that is connected. Our practice also includes the protection of our stories and family histories from a fragile state of distortion, destruction and desecration.



Preservation is the key to unlocking these stories for future generations. The rocks hold timelines and have been there for over 50,000 years as the reason for mother earth's evolution. This means that they need to be loved and nurtured as much as the stories within them have been loved and nurtured from the dawn of time within the creation story. The many stories that sit within the rocks have again begun to share themselves to the ancestors' future generations now. Our time has come in the evolutionary stage to create change and reconnect the timelines to mother earth as they have been given to us, to maintain its existing state and to keep it in its original form.

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