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Murujuga Traditional Custodians question Woodside on rock art destruction

Murujuga Custodians Raelene Cooper and Josie Alec travelled to Perth to attend Woodside's 2022 AGM on the 19th of May.

Raelene Cooper was interrupted by Woodside Chair Richard Goyder when attempting to read an open letter from 27 Murujuga custodians asking for an end to gag clauses and proper consultation with Traditional Custodians. Ms Cooper asked whether the Scarborough project would be paused until proper consent could be obtained.

Woodside CEO Meg O'Neill claimed Woodside had received approval from Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC).

Ms Cooper responded: "Culturally, Murujuga [MAC] is not the be all and stop all of the Burrup and the people. Culturally, there are significant individuals who have a cultural authority to speak on behalf of Murujuga. Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation does not speak on behalf of all individuals, especially those that have cultural authority."

Josie Alec asked if Woodside would apologise for the destruction of 4000+ pieces of rock art during construction of the Karratha gas plant.

Chair Richard Goyder did not even know that the destruction of our heritage had occurred.

No apology was offered.

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