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Murujuga Custodians headed to the UN

Josie Alec and Raelene Cooper, Traditional Custodians of Murujuga, are headed to the United Nations in Geneva next week.

They'll be speaking at the 15th session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples about threats to Aboriginal cultural heritage at Murujuga from Woodside and other industry.

We will tell the story of Murujuga to as many people as we can, from all across the world. We want to pass down knowledge for a better understanding of First Nations history, and for the protection of mother earth and all people.

We need your help to get to Geneva!

Donate to support our flights, accommodation and expenses in Geneva. We need your help to tell our story on the world stage.

The wider community will gather on July 10 at Murujuga to March for Country and show our opposition to new industry on the Burrup. The event will be a celebration of our culture and a chance for us all to tell our stories of Murujuga.

Please donate so together we can protect our rock art and stop Scarborough gas.

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