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Gazette notice: Independent investigation into threats to cultural heritage at Murujuga

An independent investigation into threats to cultural heritage at Murujuga, the Burrup Peninsula has been launched.

Reporter Alison Stone will prepare advice for the federal government on how to protect Murujuga.

Download the gazette notice as a PDF.

Contact Alison Stone on or 0419 546 435 to let her know you're interested in being consulted as part of the investigation.

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Oct 27, 2022

I earnestly support the preservation of the Burrup petroglyphs' These works rank in archeological importance with those of Altimara in Spain and Lasqueaux in France.

and as such are of world heritage importance. Their cultural significance to First Nation people and the development of Western civilization is beyond measure.

Please do not allow blind ignorance to obliterate all our ancient beginnings.



Oct 24, 2022

I fully support anything that can be done to preserve the degradation of the rock art of the Burrup peninsular. It is not only important to aboriginal heritage but also the art is the oldest anywhere in the world. This rock art is so old nothing else compares with it.

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