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Ask Tanya Plibersek to protect Murujuga

The new Federal Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek has received our request to stop four sacred rock art sites from being removed to make way for Perdaman's fertiliser plant.

Help us by emailing Minister Plibersek and asking her to protect Murujuga.

Our petroglyphs aren't like paintings in a museum. You can't just pick them up and move them. They are connected to the Country and the Songlines.

Our previous request to Sussan Ley was knocked back, as she did not believe the threat to the rock art was imminent enough. Now, Perdaman is getting closer to beginning work, and the threat is more urgent.

We hope the new Labor government will treat Aboriginal cultural heritage with respect and protect these sites.

Perdaman has been granted section 18 approvals under the same system that allowed Juukan Gorge to be destroyed. These approvals were given after that disaster.

There are other proposed projects that threaten heritage on the Burrup, too. Woodside's Scarborough, Pluto and Browse projects would all add to acidic emissions that independent scientists have shown are degrading our rock art.

We have made an earlier, ongoing application to the Minister's office to protect Murujuga by putting a stop to these projects.

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